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Gender and Linguistic

Сидорина Полина Дмитриевна
Электронная почта
Иностранные языки и коммуникативные технологии
Институт базового образования (ИБО)
Кафедра иностранных языков и коммуникативных технологий
ФИО научного руководителя
ст.пр. Тузова Анастасия Юрьевна
Академическая группа
Наименование тезиса
Gender and Linguistic

The link between language and gender is studied by sociolinguistics and connected disciplines. The studies in gender linguistics have tended to concentrate on highlighting distinctive features of male and female communication. For example, the typical male’s speech is direct, aggressive, task-oriented while female’s is indirect, conciliatory, person-oriented.

Scientists from all over the world are trying to find the answer to the question why does this difference exist? According to researches in neuroanatomy, corpus callosum (neural fibers in brain that unite two hemispheres) is connected with sexual dimorphism and the difference in male’s and female’s speech. Scientists (“Sexual dimorphism in the human corpus callosum: its evolutionary and clinical implications”) proved that the volume occupied by the corpus callosum in females brain is larger than males. However, it is necessary to remember that brain size depends on total body size that is why brain and corpus callosum of male are larger.

However, some researchers claim that the diversities are not focused in size but in three-dimensional tissue allocation. It can effect on interhemispheric connection and cause the variance of speech between sexes.

No one can explain why the corpus callosum in the brain of male and female is so different. Just as well it is possible to ask why do we have different size and location of larynx?

However, there are some reasonable theories. According to evolutionary theorists, sexual dimorphism is a result of sexual selection. It explains why the larynx size and position could have a great influence on life of ancient people. Paleolithic man with rough voice created an impression of big and strong person, who could attract more mates and startled his rivals.

Finally, it is possible to conclude that a single and universal theory does not exist, and this sphere hides many secrets from us. That is the reason why it can be interesting to study.

Supervisor - Tuzova, A.Yu, senior teacher