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Experimental invistigation of thermodynamics properties for high manganese TWIP steel (Fe-Mn-Ce)

Ebenezer Nana Kwaku Badu Badu Donkor
Электронная почта
Новых материалов и нанотехнологий (ИНМиН)
Металловедения и физики прочности
ФИО научного руководителя
Alexandra Khvan and Vladimir Cheverikin
Академическая группа
Наименование тезиса
Experimental invistigation of thermodynamics properties for high manganese TWIP steel (Fe-Mn-Ce)

Automotive industry sets very high demands on both production technology and steel used for body of the car, construction elements and other parts of the car.

Fe-Mn alloys have attracted many researchers for their attractive properties, such as shape memory properties, mechanical properties, electrical and magnetic properties. The Fe-Mn equilibrium phase diagram has recently been revised. On the Fe rich side of the diagram, the binary system would appear to be relatively simple with an open γ-loop.

Rare earth intermetallic compounds formed in many Fe-Mn-R (R – rare-earth elements) systems exhibit excellent properties, which have many potential applications. Addition of Ce to Fe-Mn alloy will change the continuous beta phase to granular or discontinuous distribution in the grain boundaries. Then the beta distribution is more diffuse, the number of beta phase significantly deceased and this will increase the corrosion resistance of the alloy.

Due to lack of the experimental information on thermodynamic properties of the Fe-Mn-Ce system, this project is aimed to experimental determination of enthalpy of formation, ΔfH, of intermetallic compounds in the Fe-Mn-Ce system by using high temperature calorimetry.

Supervisors - PhD, Alexandra V. Khvan.