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A Comparative Visual Analysis of Online Photo Content

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к. филол. н. Ермакова П.В.
Название тезиса
A Comparative Visual Analysis of Online Photo Content

Today, the Internet and social media take a specific place in marketing and other aspects of life. The management of different aspects of Internet sites includes not only text content, but also visual content and design. The visual content of each site and social media community (such as photos, videos, animated effects, colors, convenience of access to various site sections etc.) forms the perception of the user of each Internet portal, provides the convenience of usage of each site, provides users with information about products and all the content.

One of the main criteria for evaluation of visual content of the Internet is the effectiveness of the presentation of information. The same aspect is also one of the main problems of the visual content of the Internet today. The visual items of each website should be built the way users could have particular association and understanding of what kind of information is coded by each particular visual unit [1].

The comparative analysis is a type of analysis of the data, which requires at least two options to compare [2]. The result of the analysis must show the differences between these two alternatives, their similarities, their strong and weak sides.

The current research focuses on the comparative visual analysis of online photo content of two different online stores (Playstation store and Xbox store).

The main research questions are:

 - What are the differences between these two online stores? Which visual units of each online store make the effective representation of information to the buyers and which ones make the ineffective representation? Which of the online stores is more effective in providing the information?

To answer these questions, it is necessary to accomplish the following objectives:

1. Study the structure of comparative analysis and visual analysis

2. Study the aspects of online photo content

3. Make a comparison of the photo content of chosen online stores

4. Reveal the differences between the compared objects

5. Point out the most effective and ineffective aspects of both content bases

6. Make a conclusion



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