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Rebranding as a Tool of Marketing

Иностранные языки и коммуникативные технологии
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Shipitsina-Buchholz Yu.
Название тезиса
Rebranding as a Tool of Marketing

The main aim of this paper is to explain and explore more about rebranding, its usage as a tool of marketing, and to examine practical examples of rebranding. Companies need rebranding to achieve certain goals, e.g. to announce a new product, to develop a new ideology, to weaken a dominating position of another rival, and more. This is because the company’s brand itself should represent company’s values, its position and overall look.

However, there is no secret of what a brand should be, because there is no possible recipe for a victory. There is no straightforward way to success, and the main rule for such a strategic process as rebranding is common sense. In the world of intangible assets, such as brand, there is nothing but recommendations to follow.

The colours, the images and everything else connected to the brand identity depend only on conditions the company is facing. Therefore, the only criterion for a “good” brand logo, pattern or font is simple: whether it accomplishes its mission, its primal goal, or not. As a result, clear goal formulating becomes much more essential than the action followed.

The present paper deals with several companies, their brand identities and some examples of rebranding made by professional design studios. For each rebranding activity there was a clear target to meet. The targets were not connected to the certain shapes, ideas or colours, instead they were about a certain business goal to achieve: to introduce a new logo, to launch a web-site, to create a brand identity or a product design. And for each of them the only measure was the company’s future, based on a stated goal and a rebranding process, as a marketing tool to accomplish it.