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Customer Communication in Knowledge-Intensive Industry: A Case of Pharmaceutical Industry in Ghana

Иностранные языки и коммуникативные технологии
Институт базового образования (ИБО)
Кафедра иностранных языков и коммуникативных технологий
Академическая группа
Научный руководитель
Phd, Associate Professor Bondareva L. V.
Название тезиса
Customer Communication in Knowledge-Intensive Industry: A Case of Pharmaceutical Industry in Ghana

Science, technology, and Innovation (STI) has been at the forefront of developed and developing nations and played a pivotal role in Ghana’s development [1]. The pharmaceutical industry as one of the most knowledge-intensive branches of the economy in Africa has been growing steadily over the years as predicted in the World Health Organisation’s report [2].

Customer communication is an important aspect of every organization and this demands the use of effective channels to interact with customers to achieve the desired intended outcome. Ghana’s pharmaceutical industry being an innovation-driven area must intensify customer communication to address the need for constant interaction between the industry and its customers (pharmacies, distributors, government and foreign governments) to help disseminate innovation to the end-users [3].

The research work focuses on customer communication in the pharmaceutical industry in Ghana.

The aim of this research is to explore the effectiveness of communication of pharmaceutical manufacturers with their customers.

To achieve this, a descriptive research design and content analysis approaches have been used.

The study looks into the channels used to communicate with key customers and attempts to evaluate the effectiveness of their targeting strategy and message delivery.

The research further enunciates some recommendations on how to enhance the communication between the pharmaceutical manufacturers and their customers.


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