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The impact of cultural differences on internal communication in a multinational company

Иностранные языки и коммуникативные технологии
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Кафедра иностранных языков и коммуникативных технологий
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к.ф.н. Данилина В.В.
Название тезиса
The impact of cultural differences on internal communication in a multinational company

Multinational corporations appeared with the beginning of overseas trade. Such companies were always considered as agents of civilization and played a tremendous role in the commercial and industrial development of South American, Asian, and African countries. The modern model of a multinational company was introduced in the 18-19 centuries.

Nowadays, due to the continuous flourishing of globalization there are about 40,000 multinational companies having 250,000 subsidiaries on all continents [1]. However, despite the improved level of development in comparison with the first multinational corporations, the modern ones still face the same problems as their forerunners because the task of any multinational organization is not only to deal with logistical, climate, and time zone related challenges. The most crucial thing is to find a proper style of business communication with various cultures since it is an indispensable condition for understanding the differences between domestic and global management [2].

This paper aims to outline cultural differences in business communication revealed by various researchers from the spheres of anthropology, management, and intercultural communication. In order to illustrate the influence of cultural differences on internal communication in a multinational company, the analysis of integration of Chrysler Corporation in Daimler-Benz AG in 1998 is being conducted. The paper will reveal and explain intercultural peculiarities faced by newly created Daimler-Chrysler AG making its first steps as a multinational giant operating in 17 countries [3].



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