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Electron spectrum in parabolic tailored-potential quantum-wires grown in inverted pyramids

Lopez Torres
Juan Antonio
Новых материалов и нанотехнологий (ИНМиН)
Теоретической физики и квантовых технологий
Академическая группа
Научный руководитель
Maksim Pavlovich Telenkov, PhD, Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics and Quantum Technologies Department at National University of Science and Technology «MISIS», Senior Researcher of P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Название тезиса
Electron spectrum in parabolic tailored-potential quantum-wires grown in inverted pyramids

The electron spectrum was calculated for a novel complex semiconductor structure [1] that is AlGaAs quantum wire of finite length with parabolic dependence of Al content along its axis.

An analytical expression for single-electron energy spectrum and wave-function was achieved for the case when the length of wave-function localization exceeds sufficiently the quantum wire length. The spectrum was demonstrated to present a number of subbands splitted into a discrete set of equidistant levels with spacing between neighboring levels proportional inversely to the length of the quantum wire. The calculated spectrum was compared with that measured by photoluminescence. The good agreement was shown.

The two-electron spectrum was calculated for the considered structures. It was demonstrated that the electron-electron interaction is significant in the structure, including that between electrons on the different levels.

Fig.2. Two-electron spectrum in the \(Al_xGA_{1-X}As\) structure with 110 nm length and 10 nm radius of quantum wire. The Al concentration in quantum wire is changed along its axis from \(x = 0.2\) at the center to \(x = 0.4\)at the end. The surrounding of the quantum wire is \(Al_{0.4}GA_{0.6}As\) .


The author expresses gratitude to A. Zagalskaya, the master degree student of the TQPT, for help in getting, discussing and presenting the results.

[1] M. Lazarev, J. Szeszko , A. Rudra , K.F. Karlsson , E. Kapon. «Parabolic tailored-potential quantum-wires grown in inverted pyramids», Journal of crystal growth. Vol. 414, 196 (2015).