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The hardware-software package for the inventory processes robotization

Информационные технологии
Институт информационных технологий и автоматизированных систем управления (ИТАСУ)
Автоматизированных систем управления
Академическая группа
Научный руководитель
Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences, Assoc. Prof. Kalashnikov E.A.
Название тезиса
The hardware-software package for the inventory processes robotization

The purpose of this study is: to build a software and hardware robotic system that conducts goods' inventory throughout RFID tags and move along using line sensors; to construct optimization model of the robotic system and to substantiate the rational choice of the system’s structure and the service processes which are based on the  service flow, entering emerging system requests, the waiting time and queue length studies;to substantiate the efficiency in time savings of the robotic's system employment.

The system is a hardware-software complex for the robotization of goods inventory processes on the shelves and counters of a store throughout RFID radio frequency tags on the goods and line markings on the floor (Fig.1).

The data collected from the shelves throughout radio frequency sensors proceeds to the central storage device and updates the data on the processed objects (goods); Robots move according to a certain plan in order to avoid collisions, overloads, malfunctions. The software of the presented solution assumes the construction of a modular architecture connected in a hierarchical manner, which makes it possible to completely and relatively simply fix the functions and rules both in the individual and the complex parts as a whole.

At this stage has been done: the  assembly of the robotic platform, the actuators' motion, the elelctronic control installation (motion, navigation, data removal and PWM),the software for the direct motions and rotataions to the specified angle.

The relevance of the study lies in the relatively low cost of implementation in the industry compared to other technological solutions in this area, as well as in the rejection of goods' loss risks due to the human factor.

This technological solution was presented in the agency of strategic initiatives https://asi.ru/nti/ and took the third place at the competition for “NeuroNet” projects https://youtu.be/NBKHBU46qcY