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Marketing Communication in the Field of IT: The Case of Pakistan

Иностранные языки и коммуникативные технологии
Институт базового образования (ИБО)
Кафедра иностранных языков и коммуникативных технологий
Академическая группа
Научный руководитель
Shipitsina-Buchholz Yu.
Название тезиса
Marketing Communication in the Field of IT: The Case of Pakistan

The main aim of this paper is to explain and explore more the marketing communication, new trends of it in emerging global markets, the channels to reach more targeted audience, and the future of it in the field of IT industries specifically in Pakistan. A general idea of marketing communications planning distinguishes the additional worth of a plan which has to be comprehensive and further highlights the strategic roles of all the disciplines including public relations, general advertising, direct response, and combines all the disciplines in order to provide consistency, clarity and maximum communication impact.

Marketing communication specialists face many challenges, as customers, brands, and the media are fundamentally changing in profound ways. Intense competition dictates companies to perform better by being consistent. So marketing communication includes advertising, direct marketing, and branding, packaging, online presence, public relations activities, sales presentations, sponsorships, trade show appearances and a lot more. The consumer’s path to purchase is also fundamentally different today, as often shorter in length, less hierarchical, and more complex. These new ways of communicating facilitate greater personalization of message content, timing, and location, enabling marketers to utilize more media types to accomplish specific communication objectives. Today, in contrast, marketers are blessed with a much richer array of communications possibilities.

The ever growing and most extensive importance of the Internet and the development of technologies that are becoming more accessible to consumers have given rise to new kinds and forms of marketing communication that need to accommodate to all these trends. The main focus is on the big information technology organizations which are nationally and internationally involved in business-to-business communication and business-to-customers communication and compare the marketing strategies with each other keeping in view their competition among themselves.