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Professional Publicity as a Corporate Culture Element

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PhD, Filimonov A.Y.
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Professional Publicity as a Corporate Culture Element

The idea about the place and role of corporate culture in achieving an organization's objectives, information policy and general internal information platform, adjusting and maintaining of functioning at a high level is fundamentally important to achieve continuous improvement of a modern enterprise [1].

Corporate culture can be defined as a set of principles, norms of behavior and common values, aimed at creating a company’s corporate identity and better motivation of its employees [2]. One of the elements of corporate culture emphasized in my paper is self-actualization of employees.

The individual approach to achieving self-actualization of every employee could be based on Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Abraham Maslow recognized that people have many different needs, but also believed that these needs can be divided into five main categories: physiological (such as hunger, thirst, sexual desire, etc.); needs for security (comfort, stable life conditions); social (communication, caring for others); prestige (respect of others, success, career development) and spiritual (self-actualization, etc.) [3]. A person can not achieve the highest level without going through previous levels.

The best way of self-actualization is publicity. There are three types of people speaking to the media: company leaders (aimed at becoming opinion leaders at later stages of public input), talking heads (defined as those focused on everyday management and operational issues delivered to the press) and shadow leaders (those speaking to the media on very special occasions). It is very important to assign the right person for publicity exercises, as the company`s image and reputation are basically shaped through publicity.

The most noteworthy examples illustrating the role of corporate publicity in corporate culture are Steve Jobs at Apple, Oleg Tinkov at Tinkoff Bank, Richard Branson at Virgin Group. These are the examples analyzed within the framework of my master`s thesis.



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