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Онлайн-каталог тезисов конференции

Name Surname Scientific discipline Topic
Piotr Bregestovski Life Sciences & Medicine Тенденции и проблемы современной биотехнологии
Vladimir Terekhin Life Sciences & Medicine Мesoporous microcapsules based on polystyrol SiO2 core/shell nanoparticles: synthesis and functional carrier's properties
Evgenia Nefedova New materials, Manufacturing technologies & Processes Spark plasma sintering β-SiAlON-BN ceramic composites
Shamil Omarov Chemistry & Chemical technologies Genesis and structure of MoO3/ZrO2 solid acid catalysts of isobutene alkylation
Pavel Linkov Chemistry & Chemical technologies CdSe/ZnS/CdS/ZnS QDs with advanced two-photon properties for tumor diagnosis and treatment
Elena Rzhevskaya New materials, Manufacturing technologies & Processes The microstructure and mechanical properties promising alloys Mg-Zn-Ca system
Guseva Lyubov New materials, Manufacturing technologies & Processes Compaction of zirconium powders by high voltage electric discharge consolidation and spark plasma sintering
Sergey Devyatkov Chemistry & Chemical technologies Shaping of sulfated zirconia oxide catalyst and its impact on physico-chemical properties and activity in model reactions of n-hexane isomeriation and isobutane alkylation
Ekaterina Stepanova Chemistry & Chemical technologies Ionic transport in zirconia-based single crystals
Georgiy Shakhgildyan New materials, Manufacturing technologies & Processes Femtosecond laser modification of silver doped zinc-phosphate glass
Igor Shchukarev Physics & Astronomy The Wave Flow Effect on a Plane Boundary between Vacuum and an Optical Medium with a Quasi-Zero Refractive Index
Pavel Peretyagin New materials, Manufacturing technologies & Processes Graphene oxide doped YTZP nanocomposites obtained by spark plasma sintering
Mariyam Ziyatdinova Chemistry & Chemical technologies Yttrium-aluminoborate glasses containing Tb2O3, Ce2O3 and Sb2O3 for visualization of UV and X-ray radiation.
Ekaterina Lukyanova Humanities & Social sciences Korean Youth Centre "Anyong" as a place of interaction for the Korean youth in the city of Tomsk
Anastasiia Gorn Life Sciences & Medicine Emotions in institutionalized young children with special needs
Stanislav Myslenkov Earth Sciences, Ecology & Environmental Management The frequency of storm events in the Barents Sea over the last 35 years
Margarita Markina Earth Sciences, Ecology & Environmental Management 25-years wind wave hindcast for the North Atlantic
Alexandr Stepko New materials, Manufacturing technologies & Processes Phosphate glasses activated with Yb3+ ions.
Yana Safonova Life Sciences & Medicine Y-tools: a novel toolkit for analysis of antibody repertoires using immunosequencing data
Manfred Bayer Physics & Astronomy "Spin physics in the XXIst century: Joining forces of megagrants in an international collaborative research center"
Andrey Gavrilov Earth Sciences, Ecology & Environmental Management Evolution of principal nonlinear patterns of global sea surface temperature in XX century
Serguei Molodtsov New materials, Manufacturing technologies & Processes European XFEL - novel tool for nanomaterials research and characterization
Carlo Lamberti New materials, Manufacturing technologies & Processes Understanding the SCR mechanism in Cu-SSZ-13 catalyst with in situ and operando XAS and XES techniques
Alexander Soldatov New materials, Manufacturing technologies & Processes Characterization of Picoscale 3D Local Atomic Structure of Nanomaterials by High Energy Resolution Synchrotron Based XANES Spectroscopy
Snigirev Anatoly Physics & Astronomy Development of X-ray refractive optics. New promising prospectives for diffraction limited 4-th generation X-ray sources.
Mikhail Lyubomirskiy Physics & Astronomy Hard X-ray in-line interferometers fabricated by Si planar technologies.
Irina Snigireva Physics & Astronomy Coherent hard X-ray microscopy for the characterization of mesoscopic materials
Aleksandr Barannikov Physics & Astronomy Micro-Optics Test Bench based hard X-ray source
Dmitrii Zverev Physics & Astronomy High-Resolution X-ray Diffraction Based on Refractive Lenses
Alexander Guda Physics & Astronomy Phase transition in HTB-FeF3/rGO cathode material: x-ray spectral diagnostics and ab inition modelling
Dmitry Serebryakov Physics & Astronomy Generation of gamma-rays and hard X-rays by intense ultra-short laser pulses interacting with foils: normal and oblique incidence
Ivanov Dimitri New materials, Manufacturing technologies & Processes Combining nanocalorimetry and synchrotron nano-focus X-ray scattering to address fast structure formation processes
Alexander Pukhov Physics & Astronomy Bright X-Ray Sources from Laser-Driven Nanostructured Plasmas
Peter Kazansky Information technologies The Art of Femtosecond Laser Writing
Andrey Okhrimchuk Physics & Astronomy Laser writing with sub-nanosecond burst of femtosecond pulses.
Sergey Lotarev New materials, Manufacturing technologies & Processes Direct laser writing of waveguiding crystalline channels in lanthanum borogermanate glasses
Giuseppe Eramo Machinery & Energy The title of my lecture would be: "Hybrid nanostructures for solar energy applications".
Markus Schulz Information technologies The World Wide LHC Grid (WLCG), a large scale distributed scientific computing infrastructure
Olga Vlasova Life Sciences & Medicine Use of optogenetic technology in cell culture models, implantable device to works in slices and live animals
Alexey Poyda Information technologies The ATLAS PanDA Workload Management System Evaluation For Genome Sequencing Data Analysis On NRC “Kurchatov Institute” Computing Facilities
Yulia Aksenova Humanities & Social sciences Construction of the model change of employment over working age in the Tomsk region, taking into account seasonal fluctuations
Olga Terekhina Humanities & Social sciences Psychological characteristics of women undergoing in-vitro fertilization treatment
Daria Chernego Life Sciences & Medicine Characteristics of Caregiving Environment in Institutions for Infants Left without Parental Care
Elena Grigorenko Life Sciences & Medicine A millennium of research on children growing up without their biological parents: What have we learned and how did we shape the policy?
Dmitri Funk Humanities & Social sciences Identifying Social Anthropology Within the Russian University System: the case of Tomsk
Nam Iraida Humanities & Social sciences Identifying Social Anthropology within the Russian University System: the Case of Tomsk
Daniil Drizhuk Information technologies Simplified pilot module development and testing within the ATLAS PanDA Pilot 2.0 Project
Pio Lombardi Machinery & Energy Multi Energy Systems within the smart grid era