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Fiber laser welding of metal materials

Scientific organization
Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev
Academic degree
Scientific discipline
New materials, Manufacturing technologies & Processes
Fiber laser welding of metal materials
The topic contains the list of ongoing and prospective work on the basis of the Regional engineering center "KAI-Laser" and the of Laboratory of Additive Manufacturing Technologies for laser welding. Described technological solutions designed to enhance weldability of dissimilar metals, aluminum alloys, steels. Presented promising directions of work for the different industries aviation and engineering. The review of foreign technology laser welding "flying metal."
Fiber laser, laser beam welding, microstructure, mechanical tests

Laser welding (LW) is a promising method for joining metal materials. The main advantages of LW are: low heat input, high energy density, high speed of the process, the possibility of welding of large thickness in one pass, a high degree of process automation and control the laser power. The laser beam welding allows a similar materials and dissimilar. Various processing methods are used to obtain high-quality welded joint, such as: welding a defocused beam, the use of the beam oscillations, welding with "cold" filler material, welding with preheating defocused laser beam, etc.

At present, on the basis of the Regional Engineering Center "KAI-Laser" carried out the following works for laser welding:

- High speed laser welding (up to 100 mm / sec) of small thickness;

- Welding of aluminum alloys;

- Welding of copper with stainless steel;

- Welding of high-temperature alloys;

- Welding high carbon steels, etc.

These welds were subjected to the following tests and investigation:

- 2D and 3D computed tomography;

- Metallographic investigation;

- Mechanical tests (impact Sharpy test, tensile test, three point bend test, microhardness);

- Chemical analysis;

- Fractography.

The report will be presented to all the results of this work.