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Investigation of velocity fields of rotor wake for hover mode

Scientific organization
Kazan National Research Technical University named after A. N. Tupolev (KNRTU-KAI)
Academic degree
Master in Science
Junior researcher
Scientific discipline
Mathematics & Mechanics
Investigation of velocity fields of rotor wake for hover mode
In this work, experimental results for tip vortices, trailing behind rotor blades in hover mode, are presented. The study was conducted on the rotor rig in the T-1K wind tunnel (KNRTU-KAI). The obtained results were used to identify shapes and sizes of the vortices.
PIV, vortex core, rotor

In this work, experimental study results of velocity field measurements in the vicinity of tip regions of rotor blades are presented for hover mode. The measurements were obtained using stereo PIV Dantec system.

Obtained velocity fields were used to idenify vortex core shapes in the first approximation using four intermediate points. Due to unsymmetrical nature of the vortex cores, their radii were determined from equivalent circles, which had same area as the obtained closed loop of the vortex shape. 

Also, the trajectory of the vortices in the rotor wake is presented.