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Plasma Surface Interactions and Plasma Technologies

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Plasma Surface Interactions and Plasma Technologies
The Laboratory of “Plasma Surface Interactions and Plasma Technologies” was established at MEPhI in 2014. This is a 3+2 years project of the RF’s Government. In this talk we present main results of our work for past 2 years.
plasma, tokamak, technology, first wall

The Laboratory of “Plasma Surface Interactions and Plasma Technologies” was established at MEPhI in 2014. This is a 3+2 years project of the RF’s Government. The main official research foci of the Lab are plasma-material interactions in fusion devices, including: trapping and transport of hydrogenic and He species in material, surface morphology and material properties modifications, development of new armor materials for the first wall. Technological part includes research of material hardening and fatigue modification, improvements of electric properties of materials used in capacitors.

The Lab has both experimental and theoretical parts which work in a close collaboration providing cross-fertilization and unified effort in research. We also collaborate with other research institutions both domestic and international.

To facilitate the research activity the Lab will the following hardware has been acquired: computer cluster for computationally demanding simulations (including DFT, MD, PIC, MC, BOUT++, UEDGE, etc. ); tools for cross section of samples for SEM observations; Optical microscope for metallography; Optical pyrometer (2000°C, 0.2 mm spatial resolution) for registration of the temperature maps of samples exposed in plasma; Quadroupole mass spectrometer with He – D2 resolution.

To have the outside opinion on the directions and quality of our work and to promote our future achievements, the Lab’s Scientific Advisory Board was formed. It includes: Dr. Richard Pitts, IO (Leader of Divertor and Plasma-Wall Interactions Section), Dr. Russ Doerner, UCSD (Head of the PISCES Lab),  Prof. Dave Ruzic, UIUC (Director of Center for Plasma-Material interactions),  Prof. Sungho Jin, UCSD (Director of Materials Science and Engineering Program), Prof. Nariyasu Ohno, Nagoya U. (Head of the NAGDISS Lab).

Two years of the Lab functioning gave new interesting results in physics of plasma-surface interactions, having as fundamental as practical applications. The main topics of our work were research of hydrogen isotopes behavior in solids, investigation of erosion of plasma-facing components in tokamaks, developing of new ways to produce protecting coatings for different materials, and many others. Our team has sufficiently grew up owing to both young guys and experienced researchers who join the Lab being interested by physical problems within our scope, and possibilities which we are able to provide to our employees. Results of our work were published in leading scientific journals and were presented at several international conferences.