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Production of membrane-electrode assemblies for solid oxide fuel selected aspects

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Production of membrane-electrode assemblies for solid oxide fuel selected aspects
Planar electrolyte-supported construction is one of the most promising technology of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) manufacture. One needs to increase the area of solid electrolyte membrane to increase the ratio of the electrochemically active area to the total area of the membrane. One of the approaches to manufacture the membrane-electrode assemblies (MEA) with large area is co-firing technique. This approach allows to compensate the mechanical stresses on different sides of the membrane.
solid oxide fuel cells, SOFC, electrolyte membrane.

Simultaneous decrease of the membrane thickness and increase of the membrane area do not allow to use the method of consequent formation of the electrodes, which requires the series of the high-temperature annealing at different temperatures. Those annealings lead to the deformation and even crack of the electrolyte membrane. 

Earlier we reported the results of MEA manufacture by consequent firing [1] and co-firing of the electrodes at lower (<1200 oC) temperatures [2]. This work is focused on the results of MEA manufacture based on three-layered solid electrolyte membranes made by means of tape-casting technique at NEVZ-Ceramics CJSC with multilayered electrodes. Fuel cells were manufactured by means of co-firing technique at the elevated temperatures (>1200 oC). Anode electrode was made of NiO and anion conductor composite, cathode electrode was based on lanthanum-strontium manganite LSM (La0.8Sr0.2)0.95MnO3) with GDC barrier layer.

This work is focused on MEA electrochemical tests: IV- and power-curves, impedance spectra.


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