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Developmental EEG correlates of sleep and wakefulness in rats

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Kazan Federal University
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Life Sciences & Medicine
Developmental EEG correlates of sleep and wakefulness in rats
In the early postnatal period in rats, cortical activity is organized as alterations of network silence and activity bursts. Using simultaneous multichannel recording of cortical activity, EMG recording of nuchal muscle activity and video recording of animal's behavior we explore how the early cortical activity is modulated by distinct behavioral substates of sleep and wakefulness during development
Electroencephalography, Barrel Cortex, Rat, Wakefulness

Short myoclonic twitches of limbs or entire body generate primary sensory cortex activation in neonatal rats contributing development of somatosensory system. Similar spontaneous muscle twitches observed also in whiskers system. Spontaneous whisker movements and patterns of cortical activity occuring during sleep well studied. However, it remains unknown how whisker movement activity organized in wake state and how it correlates with neuronal activity in primary somatosensory cortex during first postnatal week, when basic movement pattern of whiskers (whisking) has not been formed. During wake periods we observed slow oscillatory whisker movements in 2-5 Hz frequency called protowhisking. During each episode of wake movements we observed raising activity in somatosensory cortex in form of increased action potential frequency and spectral characteristics of local field potential.