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Ionic Liquids

Scientific organization
Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Academic degree
Full Professor
Scientific discipline
Chemistry & Chemical technologies
Ionic Liquids
In line our ongoing interest in the design and synthesis and applications of new ionic liquids (ILs) will be presented recent advances on the synthesis of ILs derived from biomass, analogues of choline, including magnetic ILs toxicity evaluation and use in organic reactions, material science and membrane separation.
Magnetic ionic liquids, chiral ionic liquids, biorefinery, membrane separation

This team efforts has been mainly centred on the discovery of new ionic liquids (ILs) such as the ones based on imidazolium cations containing pendant groups, guanidinium cations, chiral ILs derived from the combination of the guanidinium cation and readily available chiral anions, analogues of choline and more recently magnetic ionic liquids. The ILs synthesized in this laboratory has been applied by this team in a range of synthetic transformations, including asymmetric ones, enzymatic resolution and separation of alcohols, dissolution and transformation of biomass and, in collaboration with different research groups has been applied in different areas such as selective removal of dioxins, membranes for separation purpose, remove of drug abuse from hair samples and material chemistry. The toxicity of the ILs developed from this team was evaluated to human cell lines and their ecotoxicity towards the luminescent bacteria Vibrio fischeri