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New concept combustion technologies with heat and mass recirculation

Scientific organization
Tohoku University, Japan and Far Eastern Federal University, Russia
Academic degree
Doctor of Engineering
Scientific discipline
Machinery & Energy
New concept combustion technologies with heat and mass recirculation
Research on effective energy conversion and combustion with new technology concepts are conducted in our research group. Effective heat and mass recirculations as well as combustion management and control allow increasing efficiency of combustion-based devices and reduce the pollutants. The main directions of our researches are as follows:
・Micro-, Mild and Microgravity combustions
・Flame structure diagnostic by micro flow reactor with prescribed temperature profile
・Combustion with surrogate fuels, biomass, and synthetic fuels
・Combustion in porous media
Microcombustion, microgravity combustion, mild combustion, micro flow reactor, combustion in porous media

Three directions of researches on new concept combustion in extreme conditions will be introduced. These three directions are all based on common key concept, “combustion with heat and/or mass transfer managements.”

First, research and development on “microcombustion” are presented. Highly efficient Swiss roll microcombustor as general heating device and original new method “flame chromatography” for reaction kinetics study will be introduced. Second, fundamental combustion experiments conducted under microgravity environments for constructing comprehensive combustion limit theory will be presented. Discussion on the combustion limits which comprehensively cover both ordinary deflagration flame and peculiar phenomena termed “flame ball” is introduced. Finally, “high temperature oxygen combustion technology, HiTOx” which enables 40 % higher thermal efficiency compared with the ordinary heating furnace is introduced.