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Study of damping of mechanical vibrations in Fe-Al poly and single crystals

ФИО: Martinson Addo Nartey

Направление: Материаловедение

Научный руководитель: I.S GOLOVIN (Prof)

Институт: Институт экотехнологий и инжиниринга

Кафедра: Кафедра Металловедения цветных металлов

Академическая группа: MTM-14-1

The quest for high performance parts in the automobile, aerospace and industries of today continues to increase the demand for materials with high ability to absorb vibrations or noise, damping materials, in order to make the use of such components convenient. Fe-Cr, Fe-Ga, Fe-Al and Mn-Cu alloys have all been reported to exhibit high damping capacity. Among these, Fe-Al continue to attract the interest of many researchers due to their light weight and ease of fabrication. The damping capacity of these alloys are mostly optimized through the appropriate heat treatment.

Fe-11%Al alloys (rolled and cast) have been studied taking into account the influence of grain growth and heat treatment regime on the damping capacity. Results obtained showed damping peaks at all annealing temperatures provided the annealing time was enough. An optimum was observed at 1050oC at 40mins. This trend can be attributed to grain growth and domain mobility. This conclusion is supported by study Fe-27%Al single crystals. Damping capacity of single crystal is much higher than in polycrystalline and very sensitive to test conditions. Future work will be focused on higher temperatures and other heat treatments such as furnace cooling followed by quenching.

Mechanical Spectroscopy was employed in the analysis of damping of these alloys, thus Temperature, Amplitude and Frequency dependence was studied while structural studies were carried out with Optical Microscopy.